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Airtel Super Singer 3 – T20 – Part I

With the preliminary and celebrations rounds over, I was one among those who was looking forward for the competitive Top 20 rounds. I was disappointed to see the T20 (With the T20 buzz around, I am going to call the top 20 as T20 :P) first round day I. It looks like the contestants have not come from the non-competitive mood yet. The performances on day 1 was dismal and lousy. With day 1 and day 2 complete, here are my views on those individual performances:

HariHaraSudhan – I was surprised to see Hari performing with great confidence. ‘Anbe En Anbe’ is not an easy song with different notes and I thought Hari’s choice is going to let him down with his capabilities but I was wrong. He did it convincingly well when he softened wherever it was required
Pooja – One of my top favorite contestants but Pooja’s performance on ‘Thee Pidika’ was just okay to me. It was not one of her best. I felt that she was running fast although her clarity of words were outstanding
SathyaPrakash – When SathyaPrakash pitched in, I could feel his nervousness on stage. The nervousness was probably since he was out of touch being the first T20 contestant to be chosen. One of the best visual and lyrical and musical compositions of Yuvan – ‘Mun Paniya’ that SathyaPrakash chose was a good choice but he could have justified it better by his vocal. He was out of pitch sometimes but at some places he was at his best
DhanyaSree – DhanyaSree’s choice of ‘Manmadhane’ was a good one but the unnecessary smiles that she showed at times annoyed me a bit. Emotions are essential when you sing but not the ones that are artificially ingested. It should come as a feeling within, else the effectiveness is lost. Her singing was good but not great
Krishna – Krishna has a great voice, is a well known fact but he got lucky by a whisker in coming in, inspite of not performing at the Performance round. Luck will not favor everytime! This time when he sung ‘Arabu nade’ – I was wondering why he was tilting to the other side without having eye contact with the audiences (an important aspect in stage performances) and his nosy voice came out sometimes when he sung. Most of the times when he has to touch the lower notes, he was lowering his voice. I guess if Krishna takes care of all these aspects with a tinge of good stage attitude, he would emerge as a great singer. That’s my opinion
Sai Charan – Sai has a great voice culture and very versatile. His performance was great among the rest of them
Mathangi – Mathangi’s ‘Sei Edhavadhu Sei’ was a good performance since she sang with different voices and different notes well as required
Sreenivas – I am slowly inclining towards adding Sreenivas to one of my top favorites. From the day he sang ‘Potri Padadi’ with an opera touch and yesterday’s Nandha song performance, I feel he’s the one who has groomed himself well over the days. The best things that I like in him is the emotions that come naturally out of him, the open throat that he uses, the variegated song genres that he selects. Looking forward to his performances
Madhumitha – ‘Kanda Naal Mudhalai’ is one of my favorite numbers. Madhumitha being a carnatic pro, it was obvious that she will do well. But Madhu improvised the song so much that made me feel like “Improvisations are good only when it is delivered correct at the correct places”. She gave a whole new look to the song yesterday
Aravind – I felt Aravind’s ‘All day Jolly day’ was not a good choice to perform although he did it quite well. Nothing much to say on his performance :)

Though there are 10 more performances waiting in the next 2 days, I am looking forward to one performance – Deepak’s!
Also, looking forward to see if anyone attempts some of my most favorite composition of Yuvan’s:
“Pesugiren Pesugiren” from ‘Satham Podathey’
“Yaaro Yaarukul Ingu Yaaro” from Chennai-600028
“Eera Nila Vizhigalai moodi” from ‘Aravindhan’
“O Nenje En Nenje” from ‘April Maadhathil’
“Kana Kaanum Kaalangal” from ‘7G Rainbow Colony’
“Yedhedho Ennangal” from ‘Pattiyal’
“Saami kitte” from ‘Daas’
“Dhavani Potta” from ‘SandaKozhi’
“Idhu Varai” from Goa

Let’s see if I hit a hat-trick or a Jackpot this time :P Stay tuned for Part II!

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  1. January 12, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    I started hating most of them :)
    Particularly hariharasudhan, malavika…

  2. January 13, 2011 at 6:07 am

    @Saranya: Me too…:)

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